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Rare View

Whitelion provides young drivers with information and practical skills

Whitelion’s newest program Rare View launched on 7th and 8th August. Funded under FaHSCIA’s ‘Protecting Australia’s Children’ framework, Rare View challenges the attitudes of disadvantaged young drivers particularly those in, or leaving out-of-home care (16-18 years). Run by Motorvate, a company with over 20 years experience in training young drivers, participants experienced a tailored driver attitude and education program, with a practical focus on defensive skills.

This highly effective program comprised of interactive discussions and practical skills such as learning how to avoid emergencies as well as how to control life-threatening situations, including skid control. The young people gained life-saving information from real experts, and were shown how to be more aware of their own skills and attitude. Motorvate showed how their driving can be safe and fun. The practical sessions taught invaluable lessons about excessive speed, stopping distances and how quickly emergencies can develop.

Almost 30 young people participated in the program over the weekend, who relished the chance to get behind the wheel and put the theory into action, gaining an insight into how a shift in their attitude could alter the way they drove and behaved in a car. With many of the young people in attendance having accumulated quite a lot of unsupervised driving experience, this five hour session allowed Whitelion and Motorvate to give them an opportunity to learn a safer way to drive. As one of the participants reported ‘I learnt things I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else, and how to handle problems when they arise’. Hearing this makes you understand why Jennie and Geoff (Motorvate) continue to do this work.

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Helping to consolidate this new information were Whitelion role models. Their presence further added to the experience for the young people, with some of them lucky enough to earn some prizes from role model Tania Doko. There are two more sessions being held in Melbourne before the program heads over to Adelaide, South Australia and Tasmania.

Click here for more information on this program.

Assisting Young Drivers in South Australia and Tasmania

The Rare View Program was completed on 2nd September after a successful venture interstate. Adelaide dedicated one session to working specifically with Indigenous young people, which provided many an opportunity to build on their driving experiences in a safe arena. Once again the young people involved were provided with, potentially, life saving information. Gavin Wanganeen attended both days to assist in consolidating the young people’s learning; his presence was much appreciated and certainly meant a lot to the young people who attended. The program also allowed Whitelion staff to establish some strong working relationships with external agencies. In total there were 35 young people who participated in the program over the two days, a fantastic turnout.

Successful sessions were also experienced in Launceston and Hobart Tasmania with another 30 young people participating in the program. As in Adelaide, external agencies involved in recruiting the young people for the sessions expressed a definite need for this Program to run in the future. Whitelion was recognised in the media with an article printed in The Examiner and the Program received statewide recognition on ABC news. Sam Hallam, para-olympian downhill skier, provided inspiration for the young people assisting in spreading the message that accidents do occur and will have a profound impact on your life.

Rare View has reached 110 young people over the last three months enabling Whitelion and Motorvate to support these young people in becoming safer road users.

Media on the Rare View program

Youngsters on Track Melton Moorabool Leader, 18th August 2009

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