NSW Alternate Learning Centres

Whitelion NSW operates two Alternative Learning Centres in South Western Sydney to re-engage young people who are unable to engage in mainstream education, resulting in long term absences, challenging behaviours and often multiple suspensions.  Over the years, a mounting body of evidence has demonstrated that early school leaving is a significant concern in relation to juvenile offending, and we aim to stop this cycle in its early stages.

LEAP (Learning and Employment Achievement Program)

Delivered in Cabramatta since 2001, LEAP provides:

  • Case management – working with the young person to address the underlying issues/barriers to engaging in education and learning.
  • Education  – an off-site, community based setting where learning is maintained and supported in partnership with the referring school or distance education.
  • Supported referral – for barriers that require specialist support and cannot be addressed by this program, such as mental health issues, domestic violence, etc.
  • Transition back to school or into training or employment – ensuring a young person is supported to have the courage to change their future.

In 2013 we launched an additional component to this program in partnership with Dural Men’s Shed.  Every Friday, a group of young people spend the day with mentors at the Men’s Shed in a carpentry program, learning both life and practical skills from older male mentors.  By the end of each semester, as a team they create a large item (such as a rocking horse or pool table) which is then donated to a charity for children.

If you have any questions about the program please contact:

Anh Nguyen
LEAP Coordinator
0408 592 124

RISE (Re-engage into Supported Education) Alternative Learning Program

Launched in Claymore in 2015, RISE supports young people who are suspended, expelled or chronically disengaged from school, through life skills workshops, supported education sessions, action learning and case management. The program is a voluntary, short term opportunity to support young people to return to school.

If you have any questions about the program please contact:

Corin Boughton
RISE Coordinator
0419 038 063