Wheelly Good Coffee

Who we are
Wheelly Good Coffee is a social enterprise, established to provide training and employment opportunities for the younger generation. We train great baristas who serve exceptional coffee.
We are part of the Whitelion family, a not-for-profit organisation that reaches out to the young people at risk and give them the courage to grow and create a better future.

What we do
At Wheelly Good Coffee, our aim is to teach our young lions who are interested in the hospitality industry the necessary knowledge and skills to stand out and seek employment as a barista.
Through our community and industry connections as well as partnerships with major organisation, we enable them to break the disengaging cycle they live in, believe in their potential, make positive changes, and start a new life.
Our program includes three stages:

  1. Training & Accreditation
  2. Development & Practice
  3. Networking & Employment

The WGC program is only part of the change cycle that our young lions go through once they enter the Whitelion family. It is however a very important step as it provides a platform for further development of their skills and putting into practice the knowledge they gain through various educational programs at Whitelion.

How to get involved

Partner with us to run a workshop
Hire us for your next meeting, function, or event
Make a donation and help us reach more young people in our community
Join our team of volunteers. We are always looking for help.
Refer us to someone you know who might be interested in what we do. Word of mouth is still the most powerful tool in promotion & advertising. 

How to get in touch

For general enquires, email us at or send us a message via Facebook
You can also contact our team directly:

Rob Brown – Social Enterprise Manager
P: 03 8354 0818 | M: 0420 278 984

Events & Workshops
Ross Bellos – WGC Coordinator
P: 03 8354 0825 | M: 0416 779 676

Marketing & Promotions
Mahsa Hajjari – Social Enterprise Marketing Coordinator
P: 03 8354 0826 | M: 0404 154 610