Assertive Outreach Flexible Learning Options South Australia

The delivery of our services means we go out to where the young people are and meet them in environments in which they feel comfortable. For highly disengaged young people this is extremely effective in ensuring they receive face to face support on a regular ongoing basis and engagement strategy to support them in their transition into mainstream education and employment.

Assertive Outreach Case Management Services

This is a service delivered to young people under an enrollment as Flexible Learning Options (FLO) students within DECD.

Our outreach case management is a delivery of service which engages young people within their own environment. Particularly when working with highly disengaged young people, this form of outreach support has great success in transitioning young people to reach their goals.

  • Flexible Learning and Transition Plan (FLTP) to support case management in identifying and addressing barriers to engagement. This encourages individualized pathway planning.
  • Development of a case plan.
  • Goal setting with the use of Coaching Young People For Success.
  • Restorative Practice – Relationship Mapping and My Journey.
  • Wellbeing and engagement support.
  • Referrals and internal program allocation.
  • Engagement with family and/or community of care.