Commitment to Child Safety

Whitelion is committed to child safety.

We want all children and young people to be safe, empowered and respected.

We actively encourage the participation of children and young people in our Whitelion community and listen to their voices, ideas and opinions.

We are committed to creating a safe environment for children and young people in all Whitelion facilities and hubs.

We take all complaints and allegations seriously and respond to them in line with our organisational policies and procedures. We recognise that we have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect children and young people from harm which we promote in practice and policy. The Whitelion group has a zero tolerance approach to child abuse.

Whitelion is committed to the physical, emotional and environmental safety of children and young people including the prevention of harm through comprehensive risk identification and management procedures.

The Whitelion Group actively promotes through its programs and partnerships, the participation of disadvantaged communities and groups. Whitelion actively supports the participation of children and young people who come from a culturally or linguistically diverse background and provide a safe environment for children and young people with a disability.

Whitelion works with Aboriginal communities to promote participation, the celebration of culture and the promotion of cultural safety practices for children and young people who are Aboriginal.

The Whitelion Group practices stringent recruitment, screening and induction procedures for all staff and volunteers and provides regular training and education opportunities to ensure current and relevant sectoral knowledge.

The Whitelion Group has a national Code of Conduct which governs the practices of staff and volunteers alongside a child safe policy, rights and responsibility procedures and incident reporting procedures. The Whitelion Group is governed by a Board who oversees practice frameworks and quality assurance.

The Whitelion Group works with multiple agencies and businesses from across Australia to provide a strong culture of collaboration and support to ensure the best outcomes possible for children and young people.

The Whitelion Group is committed to the safety of all Children and Young People.