Employment Success Stories

Since its inception in 2000, the Whitelion Employment Program has trained and employed approximately 600 young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Here are a few of the many success stories...


Kelly joined our Indigenous Employment Program in November 2011. Just one month later after participating in pre-vocational training, Kelly interviewed for a position with one of our partnership employers and was successful in obtaining a traineeship position.

Kelly has enjoyed working with her employer over the last 12 months and has completed all of the required modules for her traineeship. Kelly has advised that by being given a chance through employment she has been able to become financially independent and move into her first home by herself.

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In late 2011 Farren started as a Packer Operator for Schweppes Australia.  Over the Christmas period Farren worked both morning and afternoon shifts 6 days a week including overtime.

Farren has a support team at Schweppes Australia and a workplace buddy.  Farren is enjoying work and feels part of the team; he turns up to work early and has not missed a day of work.

Since obtaining work with Schweppes, Farren has improved his outlook on life and started to make the right choices to move forward and achieve set goals.

Farren.jpg Farren2.jpg
 Above: Farren at work Above: Farren reached his 52 week outcome or 12 months of work at the end of December 2012.


Mapur migrated with his family as a young refugee in 2001, leaving his country of South Sudan behind. His early times in Australia were uncertain, as he and his family worked to settle within a new culture, language and lifestyle.

However, with a positive attitude and ambition to learn, Mapur was quick to acculturate, immersing himself in the community through his church group and local sporting teams.
It was through these connections that he came to the Whitelion Employment Program in 2011. Throughout his engagement with Whitelion he has shown an eagerness to learn and to develop his skills in order to gain sustainable employment and help support his family.

In early 2012 he commenced an office administration role with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), a long standing partner of Whitelion, and in 2013 continues to be employed in this role. It is in the everyday interactions of this role that he has truly come to assimilate, standing as a role model for his family and friends with the help of strong partnerships and supports within the community.