Alternative Learning Centres NSW

Whitelion NSW operates two Alternative Learning Centres in South Western Sydney to re-engage young people who are unable to engage in mainstream education, resulting in long term absences, challenging behaviours and often multiple suspensions.  Over the years, a mounting body of evidence has demonstrated that early school leaving is a significant concern in relation to juvenile offending, and we aim to stop this cycle in its early stages.

Within these centres, we provide;

  • Case management – working with the young person to address the underlying issues/barriers to engaging in education and learning.
  • Education  – an off-site, community based setting where learning is maintained and supported.
  • Supported referral – for barriers that require specialist support and cannot be addressed by this program, such as mental health issues, domestic violence, etc.
  • Transition back to school or into training or employment – ensuring a young person is supported to have the courage to change their future.