Vulnerable and high risk young people are often without positive role models, or a stable adult influence to provide guidance.   Whitelion fills this gap by delivering one-to-one mentor programs.   Whitelion recruits and screens volunteers from the community and provides ongoing training; once qualified mentors are matched with a young person and Whitelion supports the relationship to develop over the course of a year – and often longer.  Mentoring programs are powerful because they show young people that someone cares about them when overwhelmingly their experience is one of neglect and abandonment.  Whitelion mentors have helped young people achieve employment and education goals, strengthen personal relationships, move on from dangerous situations, and stabilise their lives.

The outcome of this service stream is improved connection to community. 

Whitelion has a number of Mentoring Programs to suit young people at various levels of involvement with the Youth Justice or Out-of-Home Care Systems. Each mentoring program is outlined below: