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Whitelion’s Employment Program is designed to create real jobs for young people. We offer young people referred to our program direct employment, apprenticeships and traineeships. Whitelion was launched in NSW in 2010 and has since then placed dozens of young people into employment.

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How does it work?

Referral Your caseworker should refer you to the Whitelion program if you want help in trying to find a job.
Vocational and non-vocational assessment You will define your career path and any barriers to overcome with assistance from your Employment Coordinator.
Training and case management support You will be assisted with completing your resume and cover letter, and addressing anything stopping you from getting a great job!
Work place orientation You are introduced to the realities of the workplace and working life (waking up on time, appropriate work place behavior, routine etc).
Employment When you reach the ‘job ready’ stage, you are provided opportunities to gain full or part time employment.
Support You are provided ongoing and individualised support, which will make it easier to stay at the job you are at.
You can also get a workplace buddy for additional support (e.g. In case you are late, finding it difficult to complete tasks, etc).

For more information please contact

Anne-Maree Clarke
Employment Team Leader
0415 787 585

In 2012, with the help of Bain & Company, we completed an evaluation report for our employment program in NSW, as well as an indication of the social return on investment of this program.

In summary, the report highlights a preliminary view that we have worked predominantly with young people who are medium to high-risk offenders, and that our program has resulted in a decrease in re-offending of about 20%. It also highlights employer perspectives that the skills and abilities of young people have increased whilst in employment. Most importantly, after year two, the program commences a positive return on investment starting at $1.20 in year one rising to $1.97 in year five for every dollar invested.

Risk factors known to contribute to juveniles becoming offenders:

The positive impacts of helping young people into employment:



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