Whitelion Programs

Treatment and Support Programs

Whitelion treatment and support programs offer a range of interventions including outreach, mentoring, employment and education.  For more detail on individual services offered in your region, please visit our state pages. 

Prevention Programs 

Whitelion provide a range of preventative wellbeing programs in the community and in schools.

In schools we offer tools and strategies that enable positive connections with self, others and community.  Student seminars and professional development workshops cover the following topics:

  • Relationship and community
  • Resilience
  • Career transitions (from January 2016) 

In the community we offer tools and strategies that encourage social, physical and emotional health.  School workshops and holiday activities cover the following topics:

  • Sport
  • Dance 
  • Art 

Whitelion Program Frameworks 

Our Practice Frameworks

  • Strengths Approach
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Relationship Based Practice
  • Youth Participation Framework
  • Developmental Framework
  • Experiential Learning Model 

Our outcomes 

Young people who leave our services should achieve - or be on the path towards - the following outcomes 

  1. Stable housing
  2. Connection to community
  3. Educational attainment
  4. Employment and economic sustainability
  5. Wellbeing 


Assertive Outreach
Alternate Learning Centres
Deadly Lions
Community Integration Program
Field Trip
Youth Programs