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Whitelion Employment Program

All job seekers in the Whitelion Employment Program, aged between 16 and 25 years, undertake a vocational assessment and develop a life and career pathway plan. Then based on their career goals they participate in a pre-employment program tailored to address any barriers to employment, including language, literacy and numeracy, as well as developing job readiness skills and any required vocational training. All young people continue to receive mentoring once they gain employment.

Whitelion supports young people in their journey to employment, through programs like the Part Time Employment program, where we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 16-25. Click here to find out more.

We also provide ongoing support to Employers throughout the period of employment with regards to recruitment, advice to line managers around monitoring and supervision, cultural awareness training, etc.


Disengagement from education is common for vulnerable and high risk young people.  Whitelion has alternative learning centres that create flexible and supportive education environments offering one-to-one literacy, numeracy and work-readiness training.  Support is provided around driver education, ‘White Card’, first aid and forklift training certificates, computing, fitness, and independent living skills. Young people transition from learning centres back into mainstream education or onto training and employment.  The outcome of this service stream is educational attainment. 

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