VIC Mentoring

On Track Mentoring

Whitelion’s On Track Mentoring Program works with young people who are involved or at-risk of involvement with the Justice System or offending behaviour. Young People are either housed in Parkville Youth Justice Precinct or residing in Melbourne’s Metropolitan Region. The program provides connections to positive adult role models through individual and group activities. Mentor matches enable young people to feel more connected to their community resulting in better opportunities and more positive attitudes from others.

On Track Mentoring Program Coordinator 
Ellen Wood 
03 8354 0800/ 0418 895 114


Want to volunteer?  Send an email to or go to ‘Become a Volunteer’ page for further information

Leaving Care Mentoring

Young people enter the Out-of-Home Care system through no fault of their own and have often experienced abuse and neglect. Many young people leaving Out-of-Home Care (when they turn 18 years old) lack any connection to their community and suffer from isolation and loneliness.

The Whitelion Leaving Care Mentoring Program works with young people from 16 years of age and aims to match the young person with a mentor from the community before they become independent. This program operates in the Northern, Western and Eastern Metropolitan regions, Barwon and Gippsland regions in Victoria.


Please find the mentoring nomination form to be filled out by referring workers here 

Mentoring Program Manager
Denise Grima
03 8354 0804 / 0400 525 070 
Mentoring Team Leader 
Renee Kefalas
03 8354 0800 / 0400 885 956
Leaving Care Mentoring Coordinator - Northern Region
Clarissa Carbone
03 8354 0800 / 0417 109098
Team Leader Leaving Care Mentoring - Barwon
Lisa Johnson
03 5278 9211 / 0409 535 593
Leaving Care Mentoring Coordinator – Gippsland
Stacey Frendo
0418 302 376 

Leaving Care Mentoring Coordinator - Eastern Region
Contact Renee – Details as above

Leaving Care Mentoring Coordinator - Western Region
Dianne Garner
03 8354 0800 / 0409 794 915

RAMP Mentoring Program

The RAMP Mentoring Program aims to engage young people aged between 13-17 years living in residential care in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to give them experiences that will inspire them to take a positive and proactive approach to their lives. Run in partnership with Reach, RAMP draws on the strengths of the two partner organisations to facilitate the engagement and matching process for these at risk young people. The program utilises Whitelion’s wealth of experience in mentoring in combination with the positive experiential workshop and camp format that Reach deliver. Mentors gain the full Whitelion mentoring training and support whilst also attending a series of 'Connection Workshops' which focus both on personal development and 'getting to know you' activities for potential mentors and mentees to participate in together, accelerating and enhancing the matching process.

The Department of Human Services commissioned an external evaluation of the Ramp Mentoring Program in 2007, and the key findings are here.

The full Final Report can be located on our Publications page.

RAMP Program Coordinator
Frazer Meek
(03) 8354 0886 / 0418 336 140

Program Partner


Young Women's Centre

St Kilda Gatehouse is renowned for its work in the community of St Kilda engaging with and supporting women in the street sex work industry.  The Young Women's Centreis a unique initiative of St Kilda Gatehouse that targets young women aged 12-25 at risk of or engaged in sexual exploitation in Dandenong.  These young women often have experienced childhood trauma, abuse, family breakdown, poverty, and a lack of traditional supports.

The Young Women's Centre provides a holistic model of intervention through providing an open-door Centre with outreach support, staff to support young women, and partnerships with other youth and community organisations to address the specific needs of vulnerable young women to begin their recovery in a safe place and to partake in group work initiatives.

The project currently operates through the Young Women's Open-Door Centre in Dandenong which has a range of support programs including outreach, mentoring, group work and therapeutic support.

The Mentoring Program provides matching of young women with volunteer mentors from the community.  This was a program that St Kilda Gatehouse has operated successfully for two years in partnership with Whitelion, and is now located in the Dandenong area.  The Mentoring Program offers; positive social relationships and community connections.  Mentors undergo extensive training required for their accreditation as Young Women's Centre volunteers.  Through developing awareness of the challenges associated with commercial sexual exploitation, combined with mentoring skills, members of the community represent an integral part of the positive social impact that the Young Women's Centre strives to bring about.  If you would like to know more or want to support this project please contact us.

The Mentoring Program has been developed in formal partnership with Whitelion.  It is made possible through funding from Australian Communities Foundation, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, Andyinc Foundation, Portland House, Mission Australian and Gospel Resource - and through the enthusiasm of volunteer mentors who commit to undergo extensive training and accreditation.

Young Women's Centre