Volunteer - Stride IPREP Mock Interview Program

IPREP provides a framework for organising a mock interview program for students from year 9 to 12. Stride staff coordinate volunteers who are screened, trained and Police Checked to conduct 15 minute interviews with individual students at the school.

How does it work?

  • Interview sessions are arranged at schools
  • Students will come prepared as if they were attending a real interview
  • Stride will give you a full brief and provide you with questions and an evaluation form
  • Students will receive your valuable feedback on their application, presentation and performance

How does IPREP benefit YOU?

  • Improve your own interview skills
  • Gain experience in interviewing others for your CV
  • Give back to the community

How does the IPREP Program benefit Young People?

  • Students will learn about employers’ expectations
  • Experience the process and function of a job interview
  • Gain clarity and confidence with interviews

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