Whitelion Brands

Whitelion’s aspiration is to reduce the number of Australian young people in the following high-risk categories

  • Out of Home Care (50,307 young people today)
  • Youth Justice (6,200 young people today)
  • Homeless (23,638 young people today)

Our strategy to achieve this aspiration is to develop and deliver high quality programs in two key focus areas

  1. Support for youth currently at high risk through their journey to self-sustainability
  2. Focus on prevention of at risk youth from becoming high risk

Currently working with over 1300 of the most marginalised young people across Australia, Whitelion has a well established reputation for service delivery across metropolitan, regional and remote communities to transition young people off the streets and into study or work, while making community connections that support lasting change.

Operating a not-for-profit is complex:  community need is growing, traditional funding sources are contracting, and regulation and compliance requirements add to the cost of delivering services. Commencing in 2011 Whitelion took the bold steps of incorporating youth agencies Open Family Australia and Stride Foundation into its operations.  Creating a deeper, more holistic service offering for high risk youth, restructuring also set Whitelion apart from the traditional approach to not-for-profit management by proactively embracing challenges in order to create more efficient operations. 

Further information on our brands

Open Family Australia