Who Do We Help?

Whitelion is a voluntary service. We take referrals directly from young people, their family, or statutory services and other community organisations. 

Are you a young person looking for help?

If you are aged 10 - 25 and live in one of our catchment areas we may be able to provide you with support.   Whitelion can help if you:

  • Live in a residential unit or foster care placement and would like some support as you plan to leave care 
  • Are worried by your risk taking behaviour 
  • Are on the street or in trouble
  • Have been to court, on a community order or in custody 
  • We can help you find opportunities and support you to choose a different future
  • Have stopped attending school and would like help to return, or look for alternative options
  • Think there is something stopping you from finding a job even if you want to work 

How do you know if you live in one of our catchment areas?  Visit the States pages and make contact with our friendly workers to see if we can help. 

Are you a referring agency?

Whitelion accepts referrals for young people aged 10-25 in our service catchment areas.  Please visit the individual state pages to see what services are available in your region. 

Are you a primary or high school?

Visit our Stride Page to view our full range of preventative community and school wellbeing programs.