Wyndham Homelessness Project

Everyone deserves a place to call home…

The Wyndham Youth Homelessness Project is a community based campaign raising much needed awareness and funds to assist in the support of young people experiencing homelessness and unstable housing in the Wyndham region.

Funds raised will be utilised through the Whitelion Wyndham Housing Program and Street Outreach Program to provide short term accommodation, outreach and case management support, material aid assistance, training, education and employment pathways and transition planning for young people in the community.

The Issue:

How you can help:


Donate funds towards the Wyndham Youth Homelessness Project. Head to our Donate page to find out more. Please remember to add the reference of ‘Wyndham Youth Homelessness Project’ to your donation


Arrange a fundraiser in your local business, school or group to raise funds towards the Wyndham Youth Homelessness Project. Please download the WHPY Fundraising Guidelines, Schools Fundraising Flyer and Promotional Flyer.


Spread the word about the Wyndham Homelessness Project for Youth. Use the power of your voice to let everyone know about the issue of youth homelessness. Social media can be a great platform to share your message for change:

Wyndham Youth Homelessness Project:


Learn more about the issue of Youth Homelessness and the valuable work that Whitelion does by exploring our online pages and resources.