Y4Y Youth Force

Whitelion has developed an innovative way of combating youth unemployment by utilising new technologies including task platforms and online credentials.

The task economy is one that is thriving through the introduction of online platforms such as Airasker. These platforms have space for skill development across a number of task areas, which creates a unique opportunity for participants to maximise their employment potential

How Y4Y Youth Force Works

  1. Recruitment and Engagement
  2. Y4Y Task Academy Training
  3. Y4y Apprenticeship Placement
  4. Y4Y Task Force Independent Search and Hub

How The Task Economy Works

The Task Economy is a new way of working that allows you to help others with short-term tasks or gigs that they have posted on apps or other digital platforms…

  1. A business owner or person in the community posts a gig/task online they need help with
  2. You search for the gig/task and express your interest in helping
  3. You get selected to help and put in your best effort to complete the gig/task
  4. You can add the experience to your resume

Get Involved With Y4Y Youth Force

Do you have a task that needs done in your business or personally?

Donate a task to Y4Y and a group of two or three of our trained Y4Y Youth Force young people, supervised by the Y4Y Youth Force Coordinator who is a full-time, Whitelion staff member will come to complete your task.

They are aged 18-24 years old and have completed a task training program with Whitelion. Youth Forcers are fully insured to protect you, your property and themselves.

Donate a task here!

Do you want to gain work experience and training by doing tasks?

Join a group of 18-24 year olds taking part in a ground breaking program to build employability skills and get paid tasks through the Task Economy.

Register your interest here!

Do you want to volunteer your time?

Learn more about volunteering for Y4Y here!