Kids First x Whitelion Youth

Jun 19, 2023

Whitelion Youth and Kids First Australia working towards a merger

The Boards of Whitelion Youth and Kids First Australia have signed an Intention to Merge, with Whitelion becoming part of Kids First Australia.

While Whitelion has a proud history, we have a resolute belief that our two organisations share a rare alignment of values, purpose and ambition. In uniting, we envisage becoming a force for profound and positive outcomes for the life opportunities of countless Australian children, young people and families who are at risk.

Merging with Kids First represents a rare opportunity to create an organisation that provides a broad platform of services that have increased reach, provide high quality consumer informed services and collective impact for more young Australians. Furthermore, the efficiencies that such a merger would enable will create an organisation that invests in innovation, service delivery and workforce thereby becoming a strong, sustainable entity. One that is passionate about addressing the inequities that face children, young people and families.

We admire the work of Kids First Australia and proudly stand together to forge a bold and bright future. We are working toward the final decisions regarding coming together being made in August, with the merger expected to take place in October 2023.

We will share more details as the process progresses. Any questions should be directed to