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Breakthrough Employment Mentoring Program

About Whitelion Youth New South Wales 

Whitelion Youth has been supporting young people in New South Wales since 2009.

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Junior RISE 

Junior RISE is funded by Communities for Children and is designed for young people in year 6 and 7 that are identified at being at risk of a poor transition and engagement in school due to influencing factors of disadvantage and vulnerability such as domestic and family violence (DFV), mental health, child protection intervention and socio-economic status to name a few. Year 6 is when many young people first encounter peer pressure, substance abuse, and social bullying. The program is delivered in two parts and incorporates family case management:

  • Junior RISE Primary and
  • Junior RISE High

Junior RISE Primary is a supported high school transition program for groups of 8-10 young people in year 6 of primary school. The program is delivered one hour per week over 16 weeks of Terms 3 and 4. It uses a mixed model of evidence based and transition activities.

Junior RISE High follows on from the primary component working to engage and settle young people into secondary school life. The program aims to work with groups of 18 – 20 young people one hour per week over 16 weeks of Terms 1 and 2. Whilst the program gives preference to participants who completed the year 6 transition program, it is not a prerequisite as it is an effective standalone model.

Family case management aims to provide parents with a greater understanding of their teen’s emotional experiences while teaching specific skills that can assist parents in being supportive, empathetic, and staying connected with the young person, increasing connection by improving emotional communication in the family.

Program Eligibility

Young people in years 6 and 7 who are identified as being at risk. 

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Pathways to Independence Program (PIP)

Pathways to Independence Program (PIP) is an employment foundations and job readiness service which will move at risk young women aged 18-24 to a point where they can capitalise on local work opportunities. PIP’s model incorporates:

  • Individual support - address barriers to employment, set goals, and build positive habits.

  • Skill development – build foundational employment skills and attain accredited vocational training.

Through this program, young women receive support to attain formal qualifications to combat early school leaving and/or lack of post-school qualification. To ensure sustained engagement in the workforce, they will also receive developmental life skills to engage in employment opportunities through their lives by way of financial literacy, job application and transferable skills that make them attractive candidates as they progress through their careers


  • 18-24 years identifying as a young women. 
  • not currently working
  • Be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Humanitarian Visa Holder
  • Experiencing complex barriers to employment
  • Living in Campbelltown or Camden LGA’s  
  • Smart and Skilled eligible



For further information call 0415 787 585 or email


Program Supporters: 

Women NSW and Sydney Communities Foundation